ASSEMBLIES age 5 - 7 years

Seaside Holiday Postcards

This package is designed to help teachers give an assembly or short class performance on the subject of....'What were seaside holidays like in the past?' (QCA History Unit 3 Key Stages 1 & 2)

Class Activity

There is an 'ideas' sheet for a class presentation involving the whole class.

The Songs

There are two songs, designed for infants: - We're Going to the Seaside and Have you Ever Seen Someone?

Age Range: 5-7 years

Duration: 20 minutes

Cast: Activities for a whole class

Number of Songs: 2


£6.50 Package - CD and ideas sheet

£10.00 Piano scores for all songs

Song Sample

Have You Ever?

This is one of the songs: Have You Ever Seen Someone?


I have written a simple assembly plan with songs and a little bit of drama to illustrate work you have done on keeping healthy and those things that contribute to it.

There are three songs in the package

Tinkertooth the Fairy might lead to discussions about how much children expect to receive from the tooth fairy and what kind of things could you make from old teeth?

I'm a Little Sweetie chronicles the joys and dire consequences of too sweet a diet:

Look At My Wonderful Teeth is chance for children to show they know how to keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong.

All or some of these would fit into an assembly or an end-of-project performance.

Particularly aimed at end of Key Stage 1 (when milk teeth start falling out) such work helps fulfil Science KS1 Sc2, 2c Pupils should be taught that taking exercise and eating the right types and amounts of food help humans to keep healthy

and Music KS1 1a) Pupils should be taught how to use their voices expressively by singing songs.... and c) rehearse and perform with others

Age Range: 5-7 years

Duration: each song is about 2 minutes long

Cast: activities for a whole class

Number of Songs: 3


£6.50 CD of all songs

£3.50 Assembly plan and ideas sheet

£10.00 Piano scores for all songs.

Song Sample

Look At My Wonderful Teeth Vocal and piano accompaniment

Song Sample 2

Tinkertooth The Fairy Instrumental and voice version