PLAYS 11 - 15 years

The Games - pharmaceutical athletics

In the future, athletics is big business for the pharmaceutical companies. They select the brightest and best young talent to put on their carefully controlled 'development programmes'.

Cody Williams is the fastest 1500 metre runner in Britain and the trials, to choose which runners are selected for the top pharmaceutical teams, is tomorrow. Cody's dad was UK champion in his time, and spearheads a campaign to make athletics 'clean'.

This play deals with issues that are prevalent in all sports. It seeks to engage students in discussions about the use of performing enhancement drugs and will be suitable for PHSE, English or P.E. classes.

Loads of points to discuss. Suitable for drama production or literacy and p.s.h.e at top end Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 (Not a musical play)

This play explores the problems surrounding athletics and doping. In the future, all the best athletes are on controlled development programmes devised by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. The Games examines the pressures and potential rewards facing a young athlete on the day of the 'Trials'.

Age Range: 11-15 years

Duration: ?

Cast: at least 10

Number of Songs: 0


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