SONGS 4 - 7 years

Songs for Querks

Many infant classes have sets of Querks. If you have a set in your classroom, have you considered encouraging the pupils to put on a show, to tell the Querks' stories?

I have written seven songs to go with the set, to complement the story of the Querks adventures. These simple easy-to-learn-and-sing songs will enrich the play experience and provide a focus for class participation. Erasmus, Alvar, Bogdan, Cedric and Drago all have their own songs and there is an opening and closing song. You can hear the first song and Alvar's by clicking on the 'samples' link.

The package includes a CD and set of song words. The CD has me singing to piano accompaniment and then the songs with piano only in case you want to put on a show. I learned, in the summer of 2007, that Spectrum had introduced new story lines for the Querks, so, if you have a 'new' set of Querks, there are new songs to go with the new Querk adventures.

I am delighted to say that the CD is now available from Spectrum sales representatives. December 2007.


Hi, Just to let you know that Querk songs went down really well...had mini performance for parents, it was great!! Children learned the words very easily and loved them... Thanks very much...

Catherine, Primary School Cheshire 28th May 2007

Age Range: 4 - 7 years

Number of Songs: 7


£4.99 CD

£15.00 Sheet music


Alvar's Song

Alvar goes north and meets geese, seals and a moose.

The opening song

The first song explains why the Querks set out on their adventures.