The Package

What makes my plays special is that every one (apart from 'The Games' and 'King Arthur - The beginning') has songs written specifically for it.

The Package - what you get when you order



Songs can help the story along, give a chance for choral or group stage presence or give your cast more opportunities to demonstrate their talents - in truth, songs add an extra dimension to your show.

I know that many of you will be nervous about teaching your cast the songs.

Don't worry!

When you buy one of my plays you get a script and a cd.

Generally, my plays cost £9.99 for the script and £4.99 for the cd. Free post and package. There are no performing licences to pay and you have permission to make as many copies as you need for one performance (or run of performances). If you live outside the UK I will calculate a price in your currency. You can pay by cheque or by Paypal.

Songs easily accessible.....


I can also provide a piano score for every play - the prices are displayed on the play's web page.

Wherever possible I will email you the script and the words to the songs (and sheet music if required) and post the cd to you, or send you the songs as MP3 files.

I have designed a music package that makes the songs as easily accessible as possible. All my songs come on CD - you can play and practise them anywhere, you don't have to worry when the hall, or the piano or the pianist is available

On most of the cds I provide four versions of each song.

1. I sing with a simple accompaniment. This gives the cast the best opportunity to learn the tune and the words

2. I sing with an instrumental accompaniment. This enables the actors/singers to get accustomed to the 'full' version

3. A piano only version which you may choose to use in performance or........

4. Finally the instrumental version alone which you can use as a 'karaoke' track in the performance.

The plays for younger children have few lines for each character and rely on narrators to carry the story. The ones for older children have some parts that are challenging but achievable. Whatever you choose, you, and the young people for whom you are responsible will have a great time reading and performing these plays.



To order one or more plays, either send me an email or go the contacts page and complete an order form.

Please indicate which play(s) you would like, whether you want a cd of the songs, and an email and postal address. I will email you the script and post cd together with the invoice.

Thank you very much for your interest. I hope you enjoy the play(s).

If you want a 30 to 45 minute drama with songs click on ‘plays’

If you want a shorter presentation, click on ‘assemblies’

I can also offer some brilliant songs available to accompany such tales as Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other classic children's tales.